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Collagen Powder Reviews

Reviews for Beauty Collagen Water powder drink mix from Harmony Proteins are coming in from around the world. Here is a sample of what we’re hearing from trade shows, customers, and social media.

Taylor S., Illinois

“I’m so happy with my skin right now. I love not feeling like I have to wear foundation, and it’s all thanks to @harmonyproteins collagen water!”


Kim, California

“This collagen is delish & perfect for on the go, you literally pour one packet into a 16 ounce water bottle and sip.”


DaNonne G, Arizona

“I like the taste. It wasn’t sweet. I like the convenience of having it in a packet.”


John, South Carolina

“Great products. My favorite flavor is watermelon. You should sell these in convenience stores.”


Hilda N., Mexico

“What I like most about Beauty Collagen Water are the different flavors and the way you consume it.”


Jennifer F., California

“The Harmony Proteins Beauty Collagen Water that I sampled at Cosmoprof was delicious! I like the many flavor options and that they dissolve so easily. I love the Beauty Energy the most because it’s taking care of two things that I need in the morning but I like the watermelon flavor the best.”


Sue F., Pennsylvania

“Beauty Collagen Water is innovative and refreshing. My favorite flavors are Watermelon and Asian Pear (probiotic).”


Caroline L., California

“I’m seriously loving this Collagen water. It tastes a lot better than any other collagen powders I’ve had. It has no added sugar or no carbs which is perfect for my keto diet and I love the crisp apple flavor. As a Medical Aesthetician, I understand how important collagen is for aging skin as the production declines after the age of 30. It also helps strengthens our muscles, bones,  joints, hair and nails. Taking collagen also helps with eliminating cellulite while tightening the skin. This Beauty Collagen Water from Harmony Proteins is my new favorite product that I’ll be taking daily and sharing with my clients.”


Emily, New York

“I love the Beauty Collagen Water concept. My favorite flavors are Asian Pear (probiotic) and Honey Lavender (sleep).”


Caitrona, Ireland

“I think the products are innovative and offer excellent value. I like the multiple benefits and flavors of Asian Pear probiotic and Honey Lavender (sleep).”


Candace, California

“I think Collagen Beauty Water from Harmony is extremely innovative. I’m recommending these to my friends. I like the taste, packaging and the look and feel. My favorite flavors are Watermelon, Dragon Fruit (energy), Asian Pear, and Honey lavender.”


D.G., Mexico

“I like how easy it is to use. I like the Crisp Apple flavor. Would lov to see you build on the additional benefits options (like probiotics and sleeping).”


Corrine, Illinois

“What I like about Harmony Proteins collagen drinks is that they are easy for on-the-go and low calorie.”


Shiang L., Indonesia

“What I like most about Beauty Collagen Water is the taste. Watermelon is my favorite.”

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