Infused with Natural Fruit Essence

Enjoy one serving a day of our refreshing collagen peptides, for glowing hair, nails, and skin. Zero sweeteners. Zero colors.

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No sweeteners. No colors.

Made with simple, clean ingredients.

Beauty Collagen Water drink mixes from Harmony Proteins are made with natural ingredients and sweetened with natural fruit essences. You never have to worry about any added sugars, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or additives.

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Natural Fruit Essence Infused Flavors

Easy to Make

Apple Collagen water drink mix

Crisp Apple

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Blackberry collagen water powder drink mix


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Watermelon collagen water drink mix


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Asian Pear

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Energy collagen dragon fruit powder drink mix


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Honey Lavender

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As easy as 1-2-3

Made for easy,
on-the-go convenience.

Convenience shouldn’t compromise nutrition. Our travel size packets give you the freedom to enjoy the benefits of collagen anytime, anywhere. Simply add one packet to 16 fl oz of water, shake, drink, and get going with your day.

“Beauty Collagen Water is my new favorite product that I’ll be sharing with my clients.”

-Caroline L.

“So convenient. So delicious. No sugar. Keto dieters will love these.”

-Kimberly A.